Friday, July 29, 2016

A Shitty Trip to Canada

But first...

I made this doily yesterday from a graph in a Japanese book.
But that was yesterday...

This is today...

The one-lane bridge into Canada.

We went in this store. Ken was dying for me to go there. I wasn't that thrilled, but I agreed anyway. What girl wants to go to a tire store? BUT it wasn't a tire store. It was more like a hardware store/home store/smaller Walmart. I liked it. He was right. Write that one down.

I liked it, that is, until I knocked a pretty glass something or another off the shelf and it shattered on the floor into a bajillion pieces, one of which bounced off the floor and lodged itself into my foot. I was wearing sandals. And then I was wearing very bloody sandals. I was embarrassed for having broken something (very loudly) in a store, and then I was embarrassed for bleeding all over the place. It wasn't even a bad cut or anything. I just bled like a stuck pig.

So a nice store employee lady cleaned up my mess and brought me an antiseptic wipe and a bandaid for my foot. We promptly left.

This was the view from the parking lot of the store...

Canada is a beautiful place, at least everywhere we've been.

And then we drove on down the road to Fruitvale, B.C. and ate lunch here...

The burger was not good, but the fries were okay. And then as soon as we left and started driving down the road, I suddenly got nauseous and told Ken, "Pull over! I'm gonna vomit!" So he did, and I did. And then I just wanted to go home even though I felt better almost immediately. 

All these were taken from the same spot. The Columbia River gets kind of narrow through here.

Just to prove I was here.
Sorry, I must have vomited my lipstick off because I reapplied after we ate. LOL.

So it was a shitty trip into Canada, but it was all my fault, not Canada's.

See ya.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Lovely Day

We went down to the river to sit in my favorite spot under that tree.

View to the west...

View to the east.
Ken read a book and I did nothing but sit there and enjoy it.
I believe it's called languishing.

Then we strolled on home.

I ordered these two white rockers online.
They're perfect for the back porch area.
I had my PINK blanket across the back of one of them, but I had taken it down before I took this picture. It looked pretty with the hot pink geraniums and my crochet pillow.

Some of the Doggies...

Happy Sammi Girl.

Gosh, she's getting up there. I love her to death.
Her and her funny muppet face.

And my boy, Fletch, isn't so young anymore either.

He seems to be getting more gray by the day.
But he's still as spry as ever.
I will always think of him as young.

And Eli the puff ball.

Such a pretty boy.

In the garden...



More lettuce...




Lots of tomatoes!
I'm most excited about them.
Can't wait until they turn red and are ready to eat!


I finished the doily, but I keep ripping out the last two rows.
They're just ugly and I don't like them.
And now I'm SO OVER IT after ripping it out so many times.
So it will sit like this until I'm ready. (They will be the rust color.)

I bought this new yarn.
I have no idea what I'm making with it.
Maybe hats and scarves.
I love the stripes of color.

See ya.

Friday, July 22, 2016

It Started Innocently

I keep this back-scratcher next to my bed on the night table with all my other "necessary" junk. I have a table full of "necessities" that you wouldn't believe. Nail files and two sizes of clippers, a lighter to light a candle, an emergency LED light, a battery, the codes to my TV and remotes scribbled on bits of paper, a pencil, four different lip balms (I NEED them!), crochet hooks, bobby pins, and the list goes on and on. I have all that neatly filed away in a little plastic, 3-drawer thingy. ANYWAY, the back-scratcher...

I'm always fiddling with it as I'm watching TV in the evenings. I always retire to the bed by 8:00pm to watch TV or crochet or read magazines. Ken stays in the living room and watches whatever he wants on TV or plays on the laptop or reads or whatever. It's our routine. Jeez, I keep getting off-track with my story.  

I'm always fiddling with the back-scratcher in my hand, extending it out to the longest length and twirling it through my fingers like a baton. It's hard to do correctly because it's a different weight on each end. I thought I might be doing it wrong so I went to YouTube about 10 days ago to see if there were any videos on how to twirl a baton between your fingers correctly. If I was going to be doing it every night, I might as well do it right.

So, of course, I found plenty of YouTube videos showing you how to twirl a baton. And then I got obsessed. I know, I know, you're shocked. I can never just do something...I have to do it to death!

And to prove my point...

That's right. I ordered a baton on Amazon. So now I'm a 55-year-old, baton-twirling fool. But man can I twirl! It's so fun! It's good for your brain as you get older to learn new things. And I'm pretty sure it's great exercise for my fingers and hands too. Too bad I couldn't become obsessed with something that's great exercise for my butt. Hehehe.

I swear batons used to be much thicker, didn't they? I was surprised at how thin it is. But I'm loving my baton and the twirling, twirling, twirling. The dogs have gotten used to it and have stopped barking at me. Ken is sweet to indulge me every time I learn something new and come into the living room and interrupt his TV watching to show him my new cool moves. I'm such a dork. I'm sure he rolls his eyes and thinks that as he watches me and tells me how good I am. Whatever! I hope I never stop learning new things!

Don't expect to see any videos of me twirling here. I'd never do that! How mortifying. LOL.

Pooch pictures and some flowers...




Marigolds and I don't know what the little lavender flowers are.

I don't know the name of these either. They started coming up by the garage in the spring and I transplanted them into a planter for the porch.


I've been working on a doily the last few days. It was a mystery doily-along hosted by Cylinda Mathews. I didn't start until after the third week of instructions were out, and the fourth and final instructions came out yesterday. I have two rounds left and will show you mine when it's done. You can find the instructions HERE.

A project I'm about to start...

Chalk paint and wax to give it an antique, distressed look.

I'm going to redo the little table so it matches the beds. I'm also redoing four shutters in the same paint. They will go on the attic door and bedroom door in that room. I'm hoping to start tomorrow if the sun is shining. Today it's too rainy and dark out there. 

Okay, that's it from me this time.
Love ya.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer in Full Swing

I took the above pictures along the Columbia yesterday.

On this porch with either coffee or a popsicle is where you'll find us these days.
I'm going to show you a few pictures of the porches.
Staining still needs to be done, and please ignore the shabby yard.
We haven't done a thing to it because of all the construction, and the sprinkler system was just fixed so has been off since last year.

I bought a third rose bush. I wasn't intending to, but when I smelled this rose, I just had to have it. This particular rose is call "Secret's Out!" and it smells strongly of citrus and sweet rose. I smell it every time I walk by it, and you can smell it while sitting on the porch. The other two bushes I planted are climbers, one yellow and one deep red.

This huge moth flew up on the porch and nearly brained himself against the wall. We held him for a little while and then sat him on the porch railing. He eventually recovered and flew away. I looked him up on the innernets because he was so pretty and I wanted to know about him. This is a Sphynx Moth. He has a really fat body and head and such a beautiful and colorful design on his wings.

This pie is so delicious and light.
It's very plain, which is what makes sit so good to me.
Easy and no-bake. Perfect for summer.
I think the original name was White Pie.

Something else I've made recently that was good is Stuffed French Bread.
Try it! It was easy and you'll like it!
I used Garlic Herb French Bread from the Walmart bakery, $1.

Our apple trees are loaded down this year.
We have lots more than we did last year.
The plums are also plentiful and ready to pick.

I meant to get a picture of the vegetable garden, but I forgot this morning. I counted 18 of the large variety of tomatoes, and there are lots of the cherry tomatoes too that I didn't count. We've already eaten several servings of salad made from our lettuce, a couple of jalapenos, a bunch of radishes, and two potatoes. The cucumber, zucchini, carrots, onions, and cantaloupe still need time, but they're looking good.

I haven't crocheted anything since the PINK blanket. I think I'm about to bust out some thread and make a doily next. I need a break from the yarn, but I'm bored without something on my hook to fiddle with.

We have been watching Game of Thrones. OMG, it's so good! Did I tell you this already? I can't remember. I just bought Seasons 3 & 4 for Ken's birthday. We have been getting two episodes at a time on disks sent by Netflix, but we're tired of waiting for the next episodes to arrive in the mail so I just decided to buy the next two seasons. There are six seasons out so we have plenty of watching to do yet. Now I see why it's won so many awards. It really is good. But a warning to's not for the squeamish or for children. It's violent and there is plenty of nudity and the sex. Hehehe. Remember how Chandler on Friends always called it "the sex"? Anyway, adults only!

We've had a very mild summer so far. It's always mid-50s in the overnight hours, and nearly always in the upper 70s during the day. We've had a few days in the 80s and should get more of those coming up.

Things are slowing down here. No more bingo until September, no more Homemakers Club meetings until September, and a lot of our friends are leaving for vacations and such for the next few weeks. We'll be here gardening and porch-sitting and going on the occasional scenic day-trips here in Washington and British Columbia. We still have lots to see around here. 

Hope you're having a good summer!
See ya.